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Williams Family Child Care

Williams Family Child Care Offers your child a well-rounded early childhood curriculum in the warmth of a home environment. Caring for a small group of children allows more individual attention and enables a close personal relationship with the primary caretaker. I am always available to talk about the care and development of your child.

Goals and Philosophy

Our primary focus is to assist your child with the following:

  • Encourage a positive self-image, which is the foundation for a thriving, healthy child. We promote the development of self- esteem, by expressing respect and acceptance of all children as they learn to find satisfaction in the completion of tasks, which please them, as well as the adults around them.

  • Foster positive attitudes. Children learn to care for and respect themselves as well as the rights and feelings of others.

  • Learn to communicate effectively and in a constructive manner when ever possible.

  • Cultivate problem – solving skills for social and cognitive experiences.

A successful child – centered environment is founded on four principles:

  • Knowledge of how children grow up and develop

  • Observation of individual child

  • Through planning

  • Communication with parent

Knowledge of how children grow and develop is the basis of everything that takes place in a good childcare environment. Basic principles of child development include that children grow in sequential stages. Children are active learners; they are learning by doing, tasting, touching, telling, moving, and manipulating.
Learning begins with concrete experiences.

Observations of individual children are an important part of each day’s activities. My low child –to- adult ration allows me to interact with children on a one on one and in small groups. I am aware of and provide for individual needs and interests.


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